About Us

We welcome you on this exciting & exceptional journey through the Indian subcontinent from the word & organisation … Destination @ Doorstep.

Destination @ Doorstep & the time of immemorial India has welcomed visitors from across the world, who have been attracted to its rich heritage, traditions, culture, religions, cuisine, arts & crafts etc. Keeping this tradition alive,
Destination @ Doorstep, now offer you an assortment of options to explore these great lands. Please take your time browsing through a selection of holiday ideas and feel free to discuss these with us. Every one of the programs can be modified and tailored to your specific needs, be it in terms of selection of hotels or the services required.

Whether you are looking for the most exclusive hideaway destinations, or wish to explore the untamed Forests & nature reserves, or raft down the cascading rivers with an unspoilt and breathtaking terrain, or sample the exotic cuisine which is as diverse and sumptuous as the land itself, or simply take a walk in the wilderness without bumping into your next door neighbour. We will be happy to put together an assortment of very interesting vacation ideas for you.

No subject or interest is alien to us and the more unheard of the subject is the more enthusiastic you will find us. Landscapes, Exotic Beaches, Bird watching, Wild life trips, Nature walks and trails, Village and farm stays, Senior citizen travel we can handle them all. And the list is just goes on.

Our motto is to make each customer a satisfied customer with a testament to our passion, commitment and ability. Will make every experience extraordinary & ultimately our aim will be to provide you with a uniquely Indian experience that exceeds your expectations & make the experience of the discerning traveller a memorable one.

General Travel Information
You will be landing on high altitude in leh and hence may face problems of high altitude sickness. Few of us may get headache; some may have vomiting tendencies; mostly this condition should go in a day or teo.

We suggest you to consult your doctor a week before your arrival into leh and seek advice on taking preventive medication for high altitude sickness.

Best Time To Visit
Aprill 5th – October 15 th

Note: On most of the remote places only BSNL mobile is Available (leh/kashmir most network are available). In Some places ON network will be available.