Our Incredible country has a lot of exotic destinations to offer but there is one place which is especially close to our hearts – Ladakh!!!!Ladakh known for its fresh air, majestic mountains with snow clad peaks, historical monasteries hymning with morning prayers of lamas, the gurgur chai & thukpa (vegetable stew with noodles), the peculiar music & colorful festivals, warm people and the long drive on the Moonscape, in other words is dream material.

Whenever you land at the Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport in Leh your heart will definitely skip a beat and we assure you that it is not because of the high altitude but the mesmerizing grandeur of the Stok Kangri Mountain which welcomes every soul to its bastion. Do look forward to inhale the crisp fresh air it is a feeling hard to put down into words!

The panoramic view is awesome and one feels humbled in front of the mighty mountains. The gleaming sunlight seems warmer and brighter. The land is filled with eternal peace bejeweled with chanting monks. What amazes you is though Ladakh is a land with minimal resources and the climate is harsh with a long freezing winter that cuts it off from the rest of the world, in contrast the people are the warmest in their hospitality. You would rarely feel so welcomed in a distant land. The elders with their wrinkled and deeply sun burnt faces radiate the most genuine smile and welcome words of ‘Jullay’ makes anyone feel at home. Here the huge mountain chains seem extent to the moon, the glacial out washed valleys with few villages scattered all over with the mighty Sindhu (Indus) meandering through the landscape, the high altitude lakes of Pangong and Tsomoriri and the lovely people create a unique ambience which is beyond words.

It is heartwarming to enter a monastery in Ladakh. These Buddhist temples are hostels and centre of learning for monks and are amazingly artistic. All the colours in the universe descend in to their frescoes, thankas, wall paintings and statues in a total contrast to the stark surroundings. Another big attraction is the night sky, bright with infinite stars that you could pluck with your bare hands, nowhere else could you see so many stars in the sky. So what are you waiting for pack your bags and make Ladakh your destination of choice today.